Hi, my name is Farai Gandiya. Originally from Zimbabwe, I am a senior college student at Wartburg College in the US studying Computer Science thanks to a generous scholarship by the Shelby Davis Foundation. I enjoy writing, the occasional coding and tabletop gaming.

Right now, I’m looking for a job as a Software Engineer within the US. Although I live in Iowa, I’m able to relocate anywhere in the US although I have a preference for the Midwest and the West Coast. I am proficient in JavaScript, HTML and Python. I also know a bit of Java.

Some of the projects I’ve worked on include,

  • Virtual Jo [Work In Progress]– Virtual Jo is a voice powered lab assistant powered by the Google Home. Virtual Jo will perform tasks such as searching for college courses and looking up the college cafeteria menu. It will run on the Google Home and is made using Node.js using the request and cheerio libraries, Dialogflow and it will be hosted on Google Cloud Functions. Updates on my project can be found on my blog.
  • Math.floor(it) [Code]– Math.floor(it) is a webapp designed to evaluate whether or not speeding is worth it factoring infines caused by red-light and speed cameras. This project was made with JavaScript using the Google Maps JavaScript API. It was made during the Uncommon Hacks 2017 hackathon where our team won a prize for the Most Uncommon hack.
  • QuickPush– QuickPush was a Chrome Extention designed to search music on Spotify. It was made using JavaScript and Spotify’s API. Due to a change in Spotify’s API, the Chrome Extention no longer works.

Along these major projects, I also work on small scripts to do simple jobs like muting retweets and tweeting out new blog posts.

I am planning a major redesign to my website which is taking me much longer then I planned to make but it should be up and running… eventually. For now, enjoy the Nix Theme by Matúš Námešný.