Hi, I'm Farai Gandiya.

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Hire Me!

I’m looking for a full-time job as a software developer. While my strengths lie in Python and JavaScript, I’m willing to work on any stack. So if you’re interested, check out my resume [55KB PDF] and send me an email at gandiyafarai@gmail.com.


I worked on numerous projects such as,

  • Zimbabwe PAYE Tax Calculator
  • Virtual Jo– A virtual assistant for Wartburg College built with Node.js, Dialogflow and Google Cloud Functions.
  • Math.floor(it)– A silly web app designed to calculate the cost of speeding. Built with Javascript and the Google Maps API. Won the prize for “Most Uncommon” at UncommonHacks 2017.
  • Diary Locker– A video encryption utility. Built with Python incorporating concepts such as file system monitoring, encryption, command line utility design and documentation.

Education & Work Experience

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree from Wartburg College in 2018. There I worked at the Vogel Library as a technology consultant for the ELITE Team looking for ways the library could use technology more effectively. I did that in four ways namely,

  • Web Development I maintained the library’s webpage, fixing broken functionality and creating a script to display the library’s working hours. Towards the end, I lead the redesign og the InterLibrary Loan website giving it a modern look.
  • Training. I often held training sessions on technologies such as citation managers, password managers and screen capturing software. I would also craft documentation on how to use the hardware and software offered in the library.
  • Exploration. This was my favorite part about this job. I had many opportunities to explore things unfamiliar to me such as graphic design and 3D printing.
  • Service. I helped patrons find and understand the technology they need to solve their problems.