What Comes Next After Writing 100 Blog Posts?

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While I planned for this to be my 100th blog post, I wrote about getting back on Twitter. I don’t want to make this blog post too long so I’ll here’s what I’ve added to my website.

Ways To Support Me

I’ve been writing all those blog posts for free and it would be nice to have a way for people to express their appreviation. To do this, you can checkout the support me page. Essentially, you can

I also have a bunch of stuff I wanna get with your contributions totaling $8191 (or 213-1) like a laptop and some web services.

See What Stuff I Use

I’ve added a Uses page to list the things I use. A few affiliate links there if you wanna help me out 🤗.

See What I’m Doing Now

I’ve added a Now page where I talk about what I’m working on at that point in time. I want to add a /then page as well, but I’ve nothing interesting going on at the tie I write this. I got the idea of the /now page from Derek Silvers.

I’ll Write About Tech Again, I Promise

The last few posts haven’t been very technical and I hope to start writing them again. Also, I’m starting to realize how ugly my website it. Maybe it’s time for that big redesign? Stay tuned and find out!