I'm Back On Twitter Again

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Every time I get sucked into using social media excessivly to the point of frustration, I swear I’ll get more disciplined only to fall back to using it worse than before. In November of 2018, I thought I would really get off Twitter for a year to focus on other things. After all, I had then deleted Instagram, LinkedIn1 and Facebook without any issues so this Twitter break wouldn’t be an issue right?

Wrong. I used Twitter far more than I had before. Even though I had no account, I pretty much spent the entire day on Twitter, spectating all the drama on the feed. Even though it got very upsetting at times, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I even tried using content filters on my iOS devices which didn’t really stop me.

VPN? Just turn it off.

Content blocker? Load the page without it.

Screen time? Turn it off.

Noticing the error message in Safari, I would use one of the above bypasses thinking it would only be for a few minuites which resulted in the entire day. You could say that I’m addicted to Twitter and you would be correct.

A few months ago, I decided to read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Instead of his usual tone of outright dismissing social media, he argues that people should understand what they want out of social media. There other takeaways from the book which I’ll get into another time, but the thing which stuck with me was his chapter on using social media effectivly.

Twitter is probably the only social media I’ve gotten some use out of. Through the random acts of strangers, I’ve gotten great resume advice as well as some strong job leads which lead to interviews that I subsequently bombed. I’ve seen many people refer to Twitter as a powerful networking tool and I hope to do that this time around. I’ve done quite a lot of blogging and I’m hoping to actually develop an audience.

This paragraph kinda discounts the previous paragraph, but Ive also been disilussioned by the whole expectation to cultivate a personal brand. Ideally this brand would be “authentic” as well. Given that I’m a human being, there are many parts of me so I’ld also like to use Twitter as a way to meet people and make internet friends. Rather optimistic of me to hope for that, but you’ll never know 🤷🏾‍♂️.

The one thing I really want to avoid on Twitter is all the drama which took hours of my life. While there are times when a voice is necessary, there seem to be so many things to worry about on Twitter and it can get overwhelming and distressing. To counteract this, I’ll be building a really big list of words to mute and Ill agressivly prune the people I follow. That’s not to say I’ll form a bubble— it’s easy to figure out what’s going on. It’s just that I’ll not give it too much time.

Hopefully I’ll figure out how to turn this hellsite into a source of value for my life both professionally and personally. If you want to follow me on Twitter, my username is @fgandiya. Happy tweeting!

Postscript Celebrating 100 Blog Posts

From when I wrote my first blog post in 2015 up until now, I’ve written 100 posts! Across the four blogs, I’ve written on programming, tech interviews, hackathons, thoughts on YouTubers and some half-assed tutorials. I was planning on using the 100th post to introduce a new direction for this blog, but I suddenly had the urge to use my Twitter account again so I wrote this instead.

I’ll introduce the new direction by the end of the month.

  1. Well, a recruiter wanted to follow me on LinkedIn but couldn’t since I had since deleted my LinkedIn account from the time I handed them my resume, which is back again 🤷🏾‍♂️.