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Let’s Make A Chrome Extension!

(Updated: )

On Friday night, I hosted a live stream on YouTube where I made a Chrome Extension that lets you collapse answer on the popular Q&A site Quora. With a massive viewership of 8, I must say that PewDePie got a good run for his money.

As for the actual stream, it went pretty well. I was kinda bugged about the latency (7-30 seconds), and I had a few brain farts, but other than that, the stream went well. I got help from the audience, especially towards the end when things got crazy. Having extra sets of eyes really helps to catch those annoying mistakes that would have taken you ages to find alone.

If you want to check out the source code, it can be found on GitHub. I published the Extension, but it’s “Pending Review” so I don’t have a live link right now. As of January 25, 2015, you can now get the extension on the Chrome App Store!

Now here’s the stream.

Stream no longer exists since the YouTube channel has since been deleted

Don’t worry, the article on how to build a personal website and post it on GitHub is coming up tomorrow along with another SoJava article on loops and conditionals.