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April 2017 Monthly Update

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Note: I moved this post from an older blog.

This monthly update comes to you live just minutes after my flight took off for the United Kingdom. In this update, I discuss this very busy month, my random musings on Twitter, my trip to the UK and content planned for May.

So far, April has been my busiest month year in terms of content published. A book review, a post on the 2037 bug, the production of a let’s play series, a video on two-factor authentication, the launch of a microblog, filler content as well as preparing a video. Still, the views are barely coming. I guess I’m in for a year of zero views unless I become a commentary channel.

The aforementioned microblog is called Why I Like This Thing hosted on Tumblr. The purpose of this blog is to log the reasons why I like something whether its an app, a website, a YouTube channel etc. So far, I made a post about CSS Tricks and Awesome Screenshot.

This month, I got into some happy musings on Twitter. For one, Sydney Padua, author of the Thrilling Adventures of Babbage and Lovelace replied to me…twice! I saw someone showing off their copy of the book which had a cooler red cover and Sydney told me that it was the UK edition. I gave her props to which she thanked me. Man, I’m special.

A picture of my conversation with Sydney

The other musing had to do with a tweet polling job opportunities. One reply was from Alex Mole, chief technical director of Criterion Games, the studio responsible behind Burnout. I wondered where what they’ve been up to all these years and it turns out that they were working on the VR level for Star Wars Battlefront and something in Battlefront II. I guess that’s why they need 90 developers.

A picture of my conversation with Alex Mole

For the next three weeks, I’ll be traveling all over the United Kingdom uncovering the historical roots of mathematics for my May Term class. I will be visiting lots of parks, museums, hostels, rain (more like the rain visits me)- the lot within that time. I don’t know what content I’ll make relating to the trip but I’ll tell you guys about it. If you guys want to follow along, make sure to follow me on Twitter @fgandiya and on Instagram @thisisfarai. Besides those random musings I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty boring, but I’ll try to be fun during May.

Since I’ll be out all of May, I won’t be making any new content so you’ll be seeing scheduled stuff, unless I also decide to post a random video in the UK. The posts you will get are will just be a continuation of my Human Resource Machine Let’s Play. My time will be mainly focused on the class, but I’ll be taking time to think about the future of the blog in terms of design and direction. I can’t live off of * forever.

So there you have it! The things I did this month as well as what’s in store for May. April was by far the busiest month this year given all the content I made. I got into some fun musings on Twitter and I’ll be out for May, so enjoy the filler content I have planned until then.

Wanna see what I’ve got lined up? Watch the Trello Board here.
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