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January 2017 Update: Trello, Feedback, New Equipment and February

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I hope you’ve all been having a great 2017. In this monthly update, I’ll go over the Trello Boards, feedback, my new equipment, current blog progress, and my prospective projects for February 2017.

This month, I was able to post 2 videos as well as write 3 blog posts. Most of the traffic came from a post I made on Reddit about personal projects. I also gained 1 YouTube subscriber and 1 blog subscriber. A small gain, but gainz nonetheless. I also went to Uncommon Hacks which went really well.

Trello Boards

AGCKB has two Trello boards where you can see the stuff I’m working on. The Blog Posts and Videos board contains the projects I would like to start, project currently in progress and the stuff I’ve completed as well as a list for reader suggestions. The Big Projects board has big, long term projects concerning the well being of the blog, such as redesigning and community development.


My blog and YouTube channel are very small and I would really like for them to grow. for that to happen, I’ll need your feedback. Through your feedback, I hope to not only understand the things you like about my stuff but all the stuff you don’t like. Whether it’s my content, my style of delivery, my writing – whatever it may be, I want to know what you think about my content by filling in this form.

New Mic

Since people consider audio quality to matter way more than video quality, I got myself a Blue Yeti Microphone for $100 to improve my sound quality. I choose the Blue Yeti because of its reputation for being a great quality mic for its price. My only regret is not getting it in black. Up until I got the Yeti, I’ve been using my laptop’s microphone which sounded awful and my iPhone which caused lots of problems when trying to sync it up with the footage recorded by OBS in post.

Speaking of post, I use OBS to record my stuff, which is a very good piece of software. One of the things I really like about it is the file sizes which are rather small. One day, I tried to use Hitfilm Express (a free video editor) which besides being slow since it took 40 minutes to render, took my 50MB OBS footage + the 10MB .mp4 recording and turned it into 750MB. Let’s just say that I’m not planning to use it for a while…

What’s Going Up In February

In February, I’m hoping to post two book reviews, a hackathon project and experience piece, a personal project post as well as something about the history of Python. The book reviews will be on Hidden Figures and Master’s Of Doom, the hackathon posts will cover MinneHack coming up this weekend (January 28) and the history of Python video will cover changes from Python 1.0.0 to the most recent 3.6.0 version. I’m not too sure what the personal project will be, so watch the Trello board to stay in the loop.