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Welcome To Farai's Code Lab!

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Note: This post was moved from an older blog. Funny enough, I’m back to using a static site. Ah well…

Hi, I’m Farai and welcome to my Code Lab.

What is this “Code Lab” you ask? Well, Farai’s Code Lab is a way for me, Farai, to talk about the coding projects in working on. Along with coding projects, I also write posts on tech, books, hackathons and tangential stuff once in a while.

As for me I’m Farai Gandiya, a senior Computer Science student studying at Wartburg College. I’ve tried this whole personal blog/website thing many times before, but it didn’t work very well.

Much like the other attempts, this time it’s different. I’m not sure how, but it will. I promise. I mean, I’ve gone from WordPress to Jekyll to Hugo to Jekyll again, back to Hugo all the way back to WordPress again so I could focus solely on creating.

I hope you’ll be inspired by my writings here. For more information such as contact info and license information, check the About page.