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CSS Tricks

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Note: I moved this post from an older blog. URL: CSS Tricks
Creator: Chris Coyier
Genre: Web Design

CSS Tricks is a blog focused on web design and development. I found the website on Google back when I was trying to figure out how to do the thing in CSS when designing websites.

There was quite a lot to like. For one, I like the website’s design. The font’s (Whitney) on point. Colors work nicely together. Their layout is solid In essence, it lives up to its name. There is a slight issue on my iPhone SE where the page doesn’t stretch all the way out. Besides that, the site is well made.

Another thing I liked is their writing. The posts on CSS-Tricks are written by great authors like Sarah Drasner and Chris Coyier. That’s the big reason I keep coming back to this site.

CSS Tricks also has handy code snippets on how to do commonly needed web development stuff, an almanac (a prettier w3shools), handy videos, a job board and in-depth guides on web frameworks.

CSS Tricks is one of the things I’m glad to see whenever I google how to do the thing in CSS. It has a clean layout and it’s well written by great authors. A must read for anyone looking for CSS help.