Tormented Soul by Matias Xavier— The Song Played Whenever A Zimbabwe National Hero Dies

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Whenever a Zimbabwean “national hero”1 dies, the radio stations and TV network eulogies them with this song. The song has a man who sings “yei yehi yei yei” accompanied by a soft guitar. It’s such an obscure song so it’s really hard to search for it by its lyrics.

Given how the former long-running president Robert Gabriel Mugabe died just over a week ago on the 6th of September 2019, I finally managed to find the song thanks to a fellow Zimbos who posted to pay respects.

The name of the song is Tormented Soul by Matias Xavier. It was made a few years after Samora Machel died in his honor. Not sure how Zimbabwe broadcasters started using it but it’s pretty much a part of Zimbabwe now.

You can learn more by reading In Search of a Tormented Soul. You can also listen to the song on Youtube.

Rest In Peace Gushungo2. You’ve had a long life.

  1. Not sure how one becomes a war hero. Fought against Rhodesia in the Second Chimurenga/Rhodesia Bush War/Second Liberation Struggle perhaps?
  2. Not sure why he’s called that. It could be that Gushungo is his totem in which Gushungo itself is probably a lion.