The Things I Use

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Here’s a list of what I use.


  • iPhone 7 Plus — My mum got an iPhone XS Max and she gave me her iPhone 7. Way to big if I’m honest. I would trade it for my little sister’s iPhone 7 but I’d lose a lot of storage (128GB vs 32GB).
  • iPad Mini 2019 64GB — An amazing little tablet that’s good for content consumption and powerful. If you want to draw stuff, I suggest getting the bigger iPad Air.
  • Apple Pencil — Arguably the best tablet stylus out there. Even if you don’t draw, it’s nice to use to browse around.
  • Supershieldz iPad Mini Matte Screen Protector — Not the best matte scren protector out there, but it does give some friction compared to the bare screen.
  • Space Gray Moko Case for iPad Mini — For the $3 I bought it for, I can’t really complain.
  • 2m Apple Lightning Cable — Who doesn’t like a long charge cable?
  • Logitech MX Master — A really good productivity mouse. While there’s a version 2 of this mouse, the first version is still worth the money.
  • Bose QC 35 — The noise cancelling on these things are surreal. I can’t imagine flying without these.
  • Anker PowerCore 10000 — While the power bank does the job well, I really wish I got a smaller one so it would be easier to carry around in my pocket.
  • Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB — The best upgrade you can make to a laptop. It makes things noticably faster. Best of all, it’s half of what I bought it for in 2015.
  • SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB — I bought this a while back as a scratch disk. Don’t really use it these days.
  • Western Digital WD EasyStore 4TB External Hard Drive — I bought it thinking that it would make for a backup solution, but I now use it whenever I have to move big files around.
  • 128GB SanDisk Extreme Card — I dont use this anymore since I sold my camera. It’s capable of recording 4K video at 100MBps.
  • HP Pavillion 15t - This is the laptop I’ve been using for the past 4 years. It doesn’t have a battery anymore, but it does its job without much issue.


  • Visual Studio Code — My text editor of choice. I don’t have a fancy setup yet. I’ll let you know when I do. This is where I write my blog posts.
  • Editorial — The test editor I use on my iDevices. Criminally underutilized given that I don’t make use of the advanced features like the Python integration.
  • **Pythonista — I use this to code up random scripts from time to time, like Retweet Be Gone.
  • AdGuard — This is the adblocker I use on my I devices. I wish I hadn’t bought it when I did since it’s basically the same thing as the free version and they released version 3.
  • Notion — this is what I’m using to track my job search (which isn’t going too well).
  • Trello — I use this to track the blog posts I’ve written.
  • Duet Display — I use this to turn my iPad into another screen.
  • Apple Notes — as basic as it is, I really enjoy using it. Can’t wait for iOS13 with all the improvements to it.
  • I’ve bought a bunch of other apps, but I don’t use them a whole lot so they aren’t included.

Website Hosting

My website is built using the Hugo static site generator. It’s hosted on GitLab Pages and the domain I use,, was bought on Namecheap (if you can, please buy a domain on Namecheap using my refferal link. You might have to turn off adblock).

Random Stuff